FBA Mentees

Introduction for Mentees and Parents

Welcome to Forever Mentoring! We are a professional and educational mentoring program designed to help students bridge the gap between the classroom and the work place. We hope to do this through the exchange of knowledge and experience.

One of our main priorities is to establish a relationship between the parents of the student and the Mentor. We invite parents to meet the Mentor and establish a foundation for mentoring the student.

Benefits of becoming an FBA Mentee
1. Promote your academic, social, and professional development.

2. Learn about networking opportunities.
3. Discuss possible career paths.
4. Become involved in the community and FBA.
5. Increase personal knowledge and organizational awareness.

Resources for Mentees and Parents


Application Process
Complete the online application and await for us to contact you and confirm your status.   All applicants under 18 years of age must show parental consent on the bottom of the form. 

Forever Mentoring Online Application