So you can’t decide whether or not you or your child should take part in the trip?  Our projects coordinators and leaders have been arranging trips throughout the country for and abroad for over 10 years.  Read the testimonials below what past participants had to say about their experiences during some of our trips planned and led by ADVENTravel project organizers.

“The trip was fantabulously awesome and so worth the money. It was an unforgettable experience.” –Vanessa Perez, 2001 participant to Camp Chatuga, South Carolina.

“It was an excellent trip. It’s not everyday a teenager can go to a different state to experience camping and singing around a camp fire.” –Jenipher Rojas, 2001 participant to Camp Chatuga, South Carolina.

“The trip was an opportunity as a parent to value both educational and recreational moments with my child.” –Orfilio Borrego, 2001 parent chaperone to Camp Chatuga, South Carolina.

“It was the best experience I ever had; it was my very first trip out of Florida, and for the first time, I had finally felt free and that it’s just something I will never forget.” –Melissa Niera, 2003 participant to Camp Montvale, Tennessee.

“I got to do things that most people never do in a lifetime, like climb a mountain. I was just amazing.” –Crystal Sebastian, 2003 trip to Camp Montvale, Tennessee.

“The spring break trip was really a different type of world. It was different from the hassles that you expect when you’re at home: your parents nagging at you, having to do things at school, obeying all the rules. Sure, there were rules on the trip, but you abided by them not because you felt like you were made to, simply because it felt right. It’s a good place to just have fun with your friends and experience new things.” –Jarek Pastor, 2003 participant to Camp Montvale, Tennessee

“This experience will benefit me in the future because I enjoyed the teachable moments that I experienced on the the trip. I learned a great deal about myself.” –2012 participant to Chicago, Illinois.

“The trip was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had—definitely worth every cent that went towards it.” –Clara Rodriguez, 2004 parent chaperone to Camp Duncan, Chicago, Illinois.

“I got to make more friends with other people I didn’t even know were in the school.” –Byron Pellecer, 2004 participant to Camp Duncan, Chicago, Illinois.

“I had a great time. It was different because I got to go with my friends and that is what made it all fun.” –Stephanie Guerra, 2004 participant to Camp Duncan, Chicago, Illinois.

“This Colorado trip was truly a memorable experience that will forever be in our hearts. We were able to bond with many people we had never approached before and built a really beautiful friendship with one another that made the experience worth while. The funny, the sad, the happy, and mad we shared it all.” –Tani Calderon & Alexia Torres, 2005 participants to the La Foret Conference Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“I went on this trip because it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This trip was not only fun, it was an educational experience. It trip gave me time to really think about my life and about what my decisions have been and whether or not they were wise. Altogether it led me to realize various things I never could have imagined. I really recommend for anyone to partake in this kind of experience.” –Alicia Barroso, 2006 participant to the Kanuga Conference Center, Ashville, North Carolina.

“This experience has impacted me because it exposed me to new cultures. As a middle school student, I had the opportunity to work side by side with high school and college students, as well as, college graduates. Working with experienced adults who are already set in their careers allowed me to seek the kind of advice and mentoring not even a parent can necessary give.”  –Ricky Moraguez, 2010 participant to San Francisco, California.

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