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Join the FBA Board

FBA seeks dedicated and creative volunteers to join its Board of Directors as it prepares for the new academic season coming this fall. Whether you are an eager professional or student seeking community hours, FBA has a place for you.

Bayfront Park Cleanup

FBA is partnering with Bayfront Park Miami in effort to clean up the Biscayne Bay shoreline. Come volunteer and enjoy a beautiful day downtown while making a positive impact in your city.

Learning to Give Back

Read one volunteer’s reflection of how the FBA Bayfront Park Shoreline Cleanup project has helped her be a more appreciative mother while benefiting her community.

Join the FBA Board of Directors

Attend our next FBA Board of Directors Officer’s Meeting scheduled at Florida International University in the Graham Center (Email for details).

Why Join the FBA Board?

“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” –Henry Ward Beecher

Professionals, students, teachers, parents–anyone serious about becoming one of tomorrow’s leaders would benefit from joining the FBA Board of Directors. Here are a few more reasons for joining our board:

  • Building a greater social, academic, and professional network
  • Improve organizational and event planning skills
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Earn community service hours
  • Enhance your resume and/or curriculum vitae
  • Volunteer around flexible meeting times
  • Have a direct impact on the South Florida community

Email us today about a position on the FBA Board of Directors

Saturday | TBA | 7:00am – 1:00pm | 301 Biscayne Boulevard
FBA is partnering with Bayfront Park Miami in effort to clean up the beautiful Biscayne Bay shoreline connecting Bayside and the Miami River.
Come volunteer and enjoy a beautiful day downtown while making a positive impact in your city.

Your day of service will include a picnic lunch in the park, water, snacks, and community service hours.

1. Please confirm your participation and whether or not you need transportation no later than, Monday, TBA by emailing us at  Volunteer spaces are limited to adult and teen volunteers 15 years and older.

2. All new FBA volunteers must complete the online FBA Volunteer Enrollment Form.

3. All FBA volunteers under age 18 must download and have a parent complete the FBA Volunteer Health Statement.

4. All FBA volunteers must purchase a $15 FBA t-shirt to wear during the event.

Activities: Shoreline clean up, preparing for picnic, clean up, etc.

Accommodations: FBA will provide water and snacks

Transportation: Public Transportation and Carpool Available

Cost: Free for Volunteers

FBA Contacts: Anthony Reid –


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   Learning to Give Back: Growing Closer to my Daughter

OneTwoTreePest-logoSubmitted by: Ana C. Vega

Since I became part of the One Two Tree family back in 2001, I learned to give back to our community by participating in many of the events that we sponsor or are part of every year.

A few months ago, I was talking to my daughter Anita about getting involved with a nonprofit organization to give some of my time to a good cause.

She is a member of the FBA, or Forever Bloom Alliance, which is an organization led by students, teachers, volunteers and business professionals. Their personal mission is to promote the educational and social well-being of America’s youth.

She invited me to participate and I liked the idea of giving back to our community by helping young people participating in different events.

One of their events is the shoreline clean up at Bayfront Park, which is monthly volunteer work to clean up the beautiful Biscayne Bay shoreline. This area connecting Bayside and the Miami River is important to the upkeep of the beauty of our city, and is now one of the community events sponsored by One Two Tree.

I feel that this is a good way to give back, by supporting America’s youth and also spending quality time with my daughter.

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